Be Like Jesus

By Marilyn Kettering Badger

January 16, 2017


I am so glad
God does not keep track
Of when and where and
How often I think of Him,
Or ask Him to be the center of my life.
Yet He desires me to put Him at the center of my life.
But if I goof, He loves me anyway.


I am so glad that God does not
Expect me to be the center of His universe
Every minute,
Every hour,
Every day,
Every month,
Every year,
Every decade.
I don’t even manage to keep Him where He should be in my life
For even the smallest amount of time.
But He loves me anyway.


I am so glad that God
Forgives me seventy times seven –
Unlimited times.
Even when I do not always recognize
I’m doing wrong,
He forgives me anyway, and
He loves me anyway.


I am so glad that God says that if I believe in Him
And accept Him and strive to serve and worship Him
I do have eternal life.
And man’s judgments do not count,
‘Cause HE loves he anyway.


Do I/we/you love others as God loves us/you?
Do you love people anyway?
In spite of their goof-ups?
Their blunders?
Their inadequacies?
Their unbelief?
Their judgements?
We are called to love anyway! Smile!

LOVE, Love, Love, love, love.  Yep!  Love anyway!

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